My Interpretative Reflection: Fashion Model

Caution: Contains elements of horror that may be unsettling for some readers

Mika Oka
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The story highlights how individuals in modelling and filmmaking industries often driven to extreme lengths to maintain their image to stay in the spotlight. Fuchi’s horrifying transformation and her insatiable desire for attention serve as a metaphor for the pressures and demands faced by those in the public eye. This reflects the unhealthy and obsessive nature of the entertainment industry, where individuals may feel compelled to sacrifice their humanity for success.

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Iwasaki’s growing fear and obsession with Miss Fuchi’s image represent the destructive power of fixation on external appearances and the pursuit of physical perfection. The society often values beauty above all else where unhealthy obsession can lead to paranoia and self-destruction. The prioritization of physical beauty can be harmful for mental and emotional well-being.

The story also raises questions about how we treat those who do not conform to conventional standards of beauty and how our fear of the “other” can have dire consequences because of the society’s tendency to marginalize individuals who are perceived as different or outside the norm.

Fashion Model

Iwasaki, a scriptwriter, can’t shake a feeling of impending doom. He stumbles upon a shocking picture of a model in a magazine, and it terrifies him. He starts having nightmares where the model’s face turns into something horrifying. To check his fears, he tries to get another copy of the magazine but finds it replaced by a new one.

While working on an indie film with his friends, Iwasaki faces a challenge finding a lead actress for their high school character. They go through casting photos, and he realizes that the same woman from the magazine is in the final picture. Despite her scary appearance, the others decide to hire her for a different role because of her modeling experience, thinking it will help their movie.

During filming, the crew meets Tamae Mori, the beautiful lead actress, and the model, who calls herself Miss Fuchi. In person, Fuchi’s imposing figure and increasingly terrifying face unsettle everyone. She becomes fixated on Iwasaki after the director jokes about admiring her.

The film crew heads to a remote mountain location for the shoot. Tension rises as Fuchi reveals her sharp fangs and laughs in a disturbing way in the car. Iwasaki tries to convince the crew to leave Fuchi behind, but they’re too afraid of her potential anger to take action.

Fuchi confronts the crew, expressing her frustration at being ignored while Tamae gets all the attention during filming. Reluctantly, the crew decides to film all of Fuchi’s scenes quickly to make her leave. Miyake, another crew member, interrupts their plans, claiming he saw Fuchi kill and eat Tamae. Skeptical at first, the crew is horrified when they find bloodstains that confirm Miyake’s story.

Fuchi, now stained with blood, emerges from behind a fallen tree and declares herself the lead actress. She targets Iwasaki, who is terrified. The four remaining crew members run away in fear, but Fuchi catches and brutally attacks Miyake until he dies. Everyone else desperately tries to escape from her, but Iwasaki is too slow, and Fuchi seizes him. She looks forward to being alone with him, savoring her twisted victory.

*This story was previously published, but it has been rewritten and republished to include an interpretative reflection on underlying social commentary. Readers are invited to share their personal interpretations as responses.

There are two stories in this video. Fashion Model / Long Dream.

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